Tim Tebow surprises Texas inmates at maximum security prison to spread the Gospel, tells inmates to fulfill their purpose wherever they are

Former NFL star Tim Tebow visited a Texas prison over the weekend where he ministered to the inmates and spread the Gospel.

What are the details?

Tebow decided to visit the maximum security Alfred Hughes Prison in Gatesville, Texas, after receiving a letter from the father of one of the inmates, according to KWTX-TV.

Tebow shared video footage of his visit on Instagram, which featured him facing off with inmates in a good-natured push-up contest.

“We had fun, but I got smoked!" the outspoken Christian athlete wrote. "So encouraged by what God is doing at Alfred Hughes prison and grateful for the time spent with my new brothers in Christ today!"

He added, "Excited to see how they will use their lives for the Kingdom as the grow closer to God and encourage others to live in faith!"
Tebow also shared a photo of himself with the prisoners.
He captioned the post, which featured a group of smiling inmates, "So grateful to spend time with my new brothers in Christ at Alfred Hughes Prison and encouraging them in the hope that Jesus brings!"

What else?

The unnamed prisoner's father reportedly reached out to Tebow to request a visit for his son, who is incarcerated at Alfred Hughes Prison in Gatesville.
Tebow and his foundation, Discipleship Unlimited, later reached out to a local prison ministry in Waco, which set up the visit.

Discipleship Unlimited leader Suzanne Mabry told the station that his presence in the prison was uplifting and emotional.

“[Tebow] was just telling [prisoners] that he was there because he loves them and they have a purpose and they can fulfill that purpose even where they are," Mabry said. "And he told them God loves them and there is nothing they could have done that would interfere with that love.

“I was just so emotional, I started crying and was blown away," Mabry admitted. “He was in such a rush when we left but just to spend the day doing this when he could have been doing whatever but this is his passion and it just showed. It meant so much to us, and it meant so much to the guys just to know someone cared."
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