WATCH: President Trump Tweets Video of Hypocritical Democrat Responses to Bill Clinton’s Impeachment

President Donald Trump tweeted a video on Wednesday night comparing the Democrat Party’s response to Bill Clinton’s impeachment to how they are treating the prospect now.

“DEMOCRATS WANT TO STEAL THE ELECTION!” Trump tweeted along with the video.  
The video, which is rapidly going viral, begins by asserting that “Democrats know impeachment hurts the country, they just don’t care.”
Immediately following the statement, the video cuts to footage of then-Senator Joe Biden declaring that it is “antithetical to our constitutional democracy to use impeachment to overturn an election on partisan grounds,” while speaking about Clinton. Old footage of Rep. Nancy Pelosi added that “I think it has traumatic impact on the confidence that the American people have in government.”
For Rep. Jerrold Nadler’s part, one of the loudest voices calling for Trump’s impeachment, he said, during the Clinton impeachment, that “the effect of impeachment is to overturn the popular will of the voters as expressed in a national election.”
Rep. Charles Schumer said, ironically, that “their hatred of the president exceeds their caring about this country and it’s people.”
The video continues to play Democrat leaders raging about Clinton’s impeachment and how it “usurps the people’s voice.”
The hypocrisy is undeniable.

At the end of the video they urge viewers to go to Stop the Madness to find out how they can take action and protect the results of the 2016 election.
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