‘Anonymous’ Author Taunts Trump: ‘He Will Hear From Me, In My Own Name’ Before 2020 Election

The ‘Anonymous’ author taunted Trump and warned, ‘he will hear from me’ before the 2020 election. 
The Justice Department is seeking identifying information on the anonymous author of the New York Times anti-Trump ‘resistance’ op-ed who also just released a ‘tell-all’ book.
The author of the NY Times ‘resistance’ op-ed has penned an anti-Trump tell all book titled, “A Warning.”
“An unprecedented behind-the-scenes portrait of the Trump presidency from the anonymous senior official whose first words of warning about the president rocked the nation’s capital,” the description of the book states.
Many speculated the ‘Anonymous’ author was outed in an article written in The New Republic this week.
Former Bill Clinton speechwriter David Kusnet claimed Guy Snodgrass was the ‘Anonymous’ saboteur who penned the NYT op-ed and ‘tell-all’ book blasting President Trump.
Guy Snodgrass is former Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ speechwriter.

After initially playing coy, Snodgrass came out and claimed he is not the ‘Anonymous’ author of “A Warning.”
“I’m not the writer,” Snodgrass said Tuesday on CNN. “I went on to a different television show yesterday, they asked me that question, I kind of batted it away. To put it to rest, no, I’m not the author of ‘A Warning.”
The ‘Anonymous’ author taunted Trump from Reddit and defended his decision to attack the President from the shield of anonymity. 
Via Mediaite:
An individual claiming to be the “Anonymous” author of Trump White House tell-all A Warning participated in the ‘AMA’ subreddit on Tuesday night.
In a clear attempt to get more media attention for a book that has failed to make a big splash since early details were leaked, the individual took questions in the “Ask Me Anything” format. While Mediaite has not confirmed the identity of the individual, the publisher of the book assured Reddit the participant was Anonymous.
The author also notably proclaimed that “Trump will hear from me, in my own name, before the 2020 election.”
He or she opened with the following statement:
Good evening. Thank you for taking the time to join tonight. Not everyone will agree with my rationale, but anonymity has a long tradition in American politics, as far back as the birth of our Republic. When debating whether or not to ratify the new Constitution, for instance, the Founding Fathers wrote public essays about the controversial subject and disguised their names under pseudonyms. They hid their identities, not because they were scared to debate the issue openly, but because they wanted the public to focus on the message and not the messenger. They didn’t want their personal involvement to be a distraction. I’m not Alexander Hamilton or James Madison by any stretch, but I don’t believe they were cowards for using anonymity as a tool to refocus the debate. Trump thrives on distractions, and anonymity is a way to deprive him of his favorite weapon of mass distraction–personal attacks–and force the discussion to center on the substance, his character.
We’ve seen this on full display in the past few weeks, as the President has mercilessly attacked honorable public servants, from an anonymous whistleblower to aides on his own National Security Council. He can’t win on ideas, just on mud slinging and personal attacks. So he’s trying to use the long arm of government to unmask and undermine his critics.
President Trump is surrounded by Deep State cowards who hide behind anonymity in order to attack him while shielding themselves from backlash.
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