Biden’s Senior Latina Advisor Quits in Frustration, ‘Campaign Too Focused on Whites and Blacks,’ Friend Says

Grandpa Joe’s 2020 presidential campaign just can’t go one day without a major SNAFU or gaffe.
Last week, one of Biden’s senior Latina advisors quit out of frustration, with friends saying she thought Biden’s camp was too focused on white and black voters.
Identity politics always comes back to haunt the left.
Via Politico:
Vanessa Cárdenas, the most senior Latina Biden staffer, had been serving as national coalitions director since the campaign formally announced its existence April 25. She resigned last week and has since changed her bio on Twitter to say she was “formerly with @joebiden.”
“The campaign is just hyper-focused on whites in Iowa and African-Americans and it placed less value on Latino outreach,” an immigration activist and friend who spoke with her told POLITICO.
“Vanessa kept banging her head against the wall trying to get them to take the community more seriously,” the friend, who wasn’t authorized to speak on her behalf, said. “And Biden just really won’t change when it comes to the way he talks about immigration. It became too much.”
Joe Biden’s 2020 run has been full of gaffes and scandal.
Biden recently hinted at a female VP, but couldn’t remember any prospects’ names.
Three Senate Committees are now investigating Hunter Biden for making millions of dollars sitting on the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company.

If we had a real media, Biden would have been toast long ago.
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