WOW. Lt. Col. Vindman Required Rep. Nunes Call Him By His Military Rank Because Twitter Was Mean to Him (VIDEO)

This was stunning.
During Tuesday’s Schiff show trial witness and leaker Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman stopped Rep. Devin Nunes and requested that he address him by his military rank.

During subsequent testimony Rep. Chris Stewart asked Vindmann if he demanded all civilians to address him by his rank.
Vindman told him that he was upset because Twitter was mean to him!
Lt. Col. Vindman: Rep. Stewart I’m in uniform wearing my military rank I just thought it was appropriate to stick with that… The, the attacks that I’ve had in the press, in Twitter have kind of eliminated the fact that either marginalizing me as a military officer or…
Rep. Stewart: I’m just telling you that the member meant no disrespect to you.
Wow. Vindman lets Twitter rule his mood.
What a flake.
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