Authorities Are Investigating if Synagogue Terrorist Grafton Thomas Is Also Linked to Brutal November Stabbing of Jew in Monsey

The first photos were released of the suspect in the Monsey synagogue attack.
The suspect was identified as 37-year-old Thomas Grafton of Greenwood Lake.
On Saturday the suspect stabbed at least five individuals inside a rabbi’s house in Monsey.
The anti-Semitic attack occurred during Hanukkah celebrations.
According to some sites gave the suspect’s name as Thomas Grafton or Thomas E. Grafton, but public records give it as Grafton Thomas.
Authorities in New York are now investigating if Saturday’s suspect Grafton Thomas was involved in another brutal stabbing attack on 29-year-old Mordechai ben Bracha in Monsey back in November.
Authorities are investigating whether Grafton Thomas, the man charged in a machete attack in Monsey last night, is tied to the recent brutal assault and stabbing in Monsey that has been unsolved. In that stabbing, a 29-year-old Mordechai Schlesinger was stabbed as he walked to Shul early one morning.
According to a previous report by Yeshiva World from November on the attack on 29-year-old Mordechai ben Bracha.
At first it was assumed he was stuck by a vehicle, but the victim spoke to Hatzolah members for around 2 minuteness before going unconscious. The victim stated that a vehicle pulled up, two men got out, brutally assaulted him, and then stabbed him multiple times. They got back into their vehicle and drove away.
Chaveirim of Rockland has since verified that his story is accurate by obtaining security camera footage of the attack.
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