Bill Clinton Weighs in on Trump Impeachment Coup, ‘Congress is Doing Their Job’ (VIDEO)

Former President Bill Clinton on Tuesday looked very frail as he weighed in on the Democrats’ impeachment coup against Trump.
Clinton, who is the only living president to have also gone through the impeachment process, told Fox News reporters that ‘Congress is doing their job.’
“They’re doing their job as they see it and we should wait to see it unfold,” Slick Willie told Fox News while touring a Clinton Foundation program in New York City. “And the rest of us should go about our jobs and do them as we see it.”
Bill Clinton was impeached in December of 1998 for perjury and obstruction of justice.
Clinton, unlike Trump, actually committed crimes and the House of Representatives impeached him on two separate articles including a total of 11 charges.

Clinton’s crooked wife Hillary cheered after the Democrats announced impeachment articles on Tuesday and called Trump the “occupant of the Oval Office.”
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