Congolese Woman Crosses the US Border Suffering from Abdominal Pain and Vomiting – Dies at Texas Hospital

A 41-year-old Congolese woman died on Christmas Day at a Texas hospital after she arrived at the Laredo port of entry. 
The woman said she was vomiting and was taken to a local hospital.
NBC says the woman died from kidney failure.

In June Cristina Laila reported on Congolese migrants coming to America with rolls of hundred dollar bills in their pockets.
So who is funding all of the Congolese migrants traveling from Africa and crossing the US southern border?
The World News reported:
A 41-year-old Congolese asylum seeker died Wednesday in U.S. government custody shortly after she entered a border station in South Texas, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Thursday.
CBP says the woman, who the agency did not identify, had arrived at an official port of entry in Laredo, Texas, early Tuesday afternoon. The woman came with paperwork that documented a “previous medical condition,” CBP said. The agency’s medical personnel cleared her to be detained overnight.
The agency’s statement says the woman told CBP officers early Wednesday that “she was suffering from abdominal pain and had vomited.” The agency says it contacted emergency personnel “immediately” and had her taken to a local hospital.
According to a statement CBP gave members of Congress, the woman was diagnosed with acute kidney failure. A congressional aide who spoke on condition of anonymity provided details from the statement to The Associated Press. CBP did not identify her illness in its public statement.
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