Did Dems Deliberately Drag Out Impeachment Hearing Last Night to Prevent GOP Members From Attending White House Christmas Party?

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) gavels the end of a marathon impeachment meeting without a planned vote on the two articles proposed against President Trump, screen image.
Did House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) purposely drag out his committee’s impeachment markup session late Thursday night on purpose to prevent GOP members from going to the Congressional Ball at the White House? 
Nadler dragged on his committee’s marathon impeachment hearing late into Thursday night only to abruptly postpone the Judiciary impeachment articles vote until Friday morning.
Republican lawmakers were furious with Nadler’s ‘lack of integrity’ when he abruptly canceled the vote.
Ranking member Doug Collins (GA) went off on Nadler and the Democrats in a press briefing, accusing them of playing for TV coverage.
Sources tell The Gateway Pundit that the Democrats also dragged out the impeachment vote to prevent Republican lawmakers from going to a Christmas party at the White House with President Trump and First Lady Melania.
One source, who wishes to remain anonymous, told The Gateway Pundit that GOP members had rented tuxedos and were ready to attend the Christmas Ball with their wives but Nadler dragged out their sham impeachment show trial.
A congressional source told The Gateway Pundit that although GOP members wanted to attend the Christmas Ball, they were ready and willing to fight for President Trump and the American people all night.

“We were ready to stay all night and debate impeachment, Christmas party or not, to make sure the American people got the facts,” a congressional source told The Gateway Pundit.
President Trump gave a speech Thursday evening and celebrated the record high stock market and good jobs numbers.
First Lady Melania stunned Thursday evening at the Congressional Ball in a white, floor-length crystal-embellished gown. 
Did Nadler and the Dems purposely drag impeachment late into Thursday evening to prevent the Minority members from enjoying a nice evening with the President? We wouldn’t put it past them. 
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