EXCLUSIVE: Triple-Amputee Founder of ‘We Build the Wall’ Brian Kolfage Groped, Fondled By TSA — His Young Children Forced To Watch! (VIDEO)

While the TSA reportedly allows illegal aliens to fly on commercial airliners without valid identification, a Purple Heart triple-amputee veteran who is building a wall on the southern border is forced to endure groping, fondling and third-degree examination for explosives every time he gets on an airplane. 
Brian Kolfage, founder and president of We Build The Wall, was flying out of at Destin – Fort Regional Airport on Tuesday on his way to the White House, where he was invited as special guest of the Trump administration’s Christmas celebration, when he was outrageously felt up by TSA agents during a pat-down that went on for over 20 minutes.
A concerned bystander on the scene and supporter of Kolfage’s efforts to build a wall on the southern border pulled out her cell phone and recorded the TSA groping and fondling the war veteran.
Two male TSA agents are seen in the footage examining and swabbing Kolfage’s wheelchair and prosthetic legs for explosives.
“They made him stand up and lift up his shirt to swab for explosives around his waist several times – I’ve never seen that done before,” the woman who recorded the incident told the Gateway Pundit. “I can’t believe this is happening in America. This is the face of authoritarianism.”
Kolfage’s young son and daughter are heard in the footage distressed as they watched their father invasively probed for nearly a half-hour.
“They groped and searched under his buttocks, his groin, his half arm and his prosthetic feet,” the woman continued. “This man is a hero who has served our country overseas is still doing all he can to help protect our country. He should not be embarrassed like this in front of his children.”

Kolfage suffered injuries to his extremities in Iraq on  September 11, 2004, when he was stationed in Iraq.  An enemy rocket landed just 3 feet away from him, immediately causing the loss of both his legs and his right hand and a collapsed lung. He received a Purple Heart for his service in the Air Force and recovered in Walter Reed Medical Center.
After Congress ushered in 2019 defying Trump’s request to appropriate funding for a border wall, Kolfage created a GoFundMe calling on the American public to step to the plate and fund the wall themselves. Within days, millions of ordinary citizens donated $25 million of private contributions to assure the construction of the wall would become a reality.
As donations poured in, Kolfage joined forces with heavy hitters in the public policy arena, including former White House advisor and Breitbart News co-founder Steven K. Bannon and former Rep. Tom Tancredo, and reorganized his efforts to build a 400-mile, privately funded border as a 501(c)(4), We Be Build The Wall. 
Kolfage’s brush with TSA on Tuesday was only the latest of numerous instances he’s been violated at security checkpoints in the airport.
The organization’s spokeswoman, Jennifer Lawrence, provided footage of another unnervingly intrusive encounter the decorated war hero recently endured with a TSA agent at McAllen International Airport in Texas.
Kolfage could not be reached for comment.
“I understand the security concerns but it’s not TSA’s fault, it’s the policymakers in DC who have no clue what the real world is like; it’s a joke,” he said. “It’s the same people who think there’s no issue at our border.
“It’s amazing how our government is so worried about airport security with a triple amputee veteran in a wheelchair but every day thousands of illegals are coming into our nation unchecked and killing Americans. I guess they turn a blind eye to them like they have to all the angel families.”
Meanwhile, the TSA allows illegal immigrants to fly without verifiable ID.
“The aliens who are getting released on their own recognizance are being allowed to board and travel commercial airliners by simply showing their Notice to Appear forms,” a National Border Patrol Council spokesperson told Breitbart News’ Brandon Darby.
Adding insult to injury, while the American people are getting violated and manhandled at airports, TSA pat-downs have yet to capture even one terrorist.
Is this what we learned from 9/11? That We The People are the enemy and somehow we have to be humiliated?
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