FIGURES. Green Teen Greta Thunberg’s Yacht Used More Fuel to Cross Atlantic than If She Flew from New York to Madrid

Green teen and TIME Magazine Person of the Year Greta Thunberg just finished her trip from New York to Europe for the globalist climate conference. 
Thunberg and her team claimed it was a carbon neutral trip.
But they lied.  The ship likely used two engines to travel east at this time of year and burned up more fuel than a flight from New York to Spain.
Of course, the leftists lied to the public about this fabricated stunt.
The reasons why Greta has contaminated more on board the catamaran than if it had traveled by plane reported: (Translated)
Anyone who knows some navigation knows that catamarans cannot sail against the wind and only do so if they are fed by carrying winds, that is, fin or stern . To cross the Atlantic at this time of year the prevailing winds are from the east, that is to say that the catamaran would be found in the bow. To save them, he should have headed north on a board that would put him far north of the British Isles so he could turn starboard (right) and head towards the coast of Galicia. November and December, as it has been shown, are two months of great swells in the North Atlantic, which together with the gulf currents is a great effort for fishing and oil tankers that are going to motor…
…This navigation on this type of boat does not last three weeks, that surely does not. For the course that has marked the catamaran’s logbook this navigation was not done, but the north was avoided by the storms and the arrival in Galicia was rejected by changing it to Lisbon. This means that the Australian catamaran Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu is either extraterrestrial or has been sailing with its two engines.
Volvo consuming more or less four liters of diesel per hour each of the engines, which with the bad conditions with which they say they found consumption may have been, more or less twice, that is about 16 liters of diesel time . How much have they spent? Check out. How much have they contaminated? Much more than if I had flown from New York to Madrid in a commercial plane.
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