FIRED FBI Director Whines About DOJ IG Report — Says Was Offered to Go on FOX and Friends But They Cancelled Him… Update: Fox Responds

James Comey 
Fired FBI Director James Comey on Monday blasted President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr after DOJ IG Horowitz released his report on FISA abuses.
The report revealed what we knew to be true all along — the FBI defrauded the FISA court and purposely omitted exculpatory information from the FISA judges in order to obtain FOUR FISA warrants on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.
Horowitz, an Obama-appointee however, concluded that the FBI investigation into Trump was justified and not politically motivated.
A completely ridiculous conclusion that was immediately refuted by AG Bill Barr and US Attorney John Durham.
“So it was all lies. No treason. No spying on the campaign. No tapping Trumps wires. It was just good people trying to protect America,” Comey said in a Twitter caption linking to his Washington Post op-ed titled, “The Truth is Finally Out. The FBI Fulfilled Its Mission.”
Comey defended the corrupt FBI investigation into Trump’s campaign and claimed it would have been a “dereliction of duty” for the FBI not to investigate so-called Russian interference.

A bit later this afternoon Comey said he offered to go on FOX and Friends but they then changed their mind and cancelled him after the report came out. 

It will be interesting to see the FOX and Friends response to Comey’s tall story.
Update: A Fox spokesperson said Comey was never even booked to appear on the network Tuesday morning! 
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