HEY DEMOCRATS! THE TIDAL WAVE IS COMING! Trump Hershey Rally: 12,000 Inside, 30,000 YouTube Livestream Viewers, 2.1 MILLION Facebook Views

Hey Democrats! The Tidal Wave Is Coming!

The Democrats launched their latest coup and impeachment sham against President Trump would ruin his support with the American public. 
They were wrong.
Trump’s approval rating tops Barack Obama’s approval at the same point in his presidency.
President Trump’s daily approval rating is SIX POINTS higher than Barack Obama’s at the same point in his presidency. 
And tonight President Trump held another MASSIVE Rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
11,000 12,500 inside the Giant Center.
Over 31,000 were watching the livestream live at Right Side Broadcasting.
And 2.1 MILLION watched the livestream video on the Trump Facebook page!
As NBC’s Katy Tur said tonight in Hershey, “One of the biggest rallies I’ve ever seen.” 
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