Pelosi Responds to President Trump, Lies and Edits Clips of Schiff Witnesses Who All Denied Trump Quid-Pro-Quo with Ukraine

President Trump went after Nancy Pelosi on Thursday, the day after Christmas, for her horrible record back home in San Francisco –“has rapidly become one of the worst anywhere in the U.S. when it come to the homeless & crime.”  
The Democrat Speaker is taking time this Christmas season sitting on the Articles of Impeachment her party passed before they left DC on holiday.
On Friday Speaker Pelosi responded to President Trump.
Pelosi released a video full of lies and edited clips of Adam Schiff’s witnesses who ALL denied President Trump put pressure on Ukraine before the Zelensky government received US aid.
The fact that Pelosi lied should surprise no one. 

NOT ONE witness who sat before the Schiff Intel Committee could offer evidence that President Trump withheld aid to Ukraine in a pay-for-play scheme.
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