Pro-abortion actress: 'My life *is* more important to me than an unborn fetus’ one. Suck on that.'

Outspoken pro-abortion actress Jameela Jamil blasted pro-life advocates on Twitter this week and made no bones about her position on the matter, saying "my life *is* more important to me than an unborn fetus' one. Suck on that."

Image source: Twitter, redacted

What's the background?

The British actress' mention of feminist Gloria Steinem refers to a November Harper's Bazaar interview between the two, in which they discussed abortion.
"I'm very outspoken about the fact that I, similarly to you, feel very passionately about a woman's right to choose," Jamil told Steinem in the piece. "I'm someone who's had an abortion, and I feel like I need to make sure that we prove it's not always just emergencies. People have abortions, sometimes a woman just wants her liberty, and we have to normalize that it's okay just to make that choice for yourself, because your life is as important as a newborn life that doesn't even exist yet."
Steinem concurred, telling the actress: "I utterly agree, and actually, as maybe you already know, going to a very early speak-out about abortion was what made me realize that we needed a women's movement. It took me a while to understand that the first step in every authoritarian regime is controlling reproduction, and that means controlling us. Unless we — men and women — have power over our own bodies and voices, there is no such thing as democracy."


After receiving criticism for what she said in the interview, Jamil hit back hard on Twitter, telling her detractors that "I SAID WHAT I F***ING SAID and you're clueless if you think I'm going to take it back."
Jamil — known for her work on NBC's "The Good Place" — also called out pro-life advocates in a separate tweet Wednesday, saying "you people are pro birth. Not pro life."

Image source: Twitter, redacted

She added: "There are plenty of starving, homeless babies currently. Over 100K currently seeking foster care. You care about fetuses. Once they're out the womb, you don't give a f***. Help the kids who are alive first, then call yourself 'pro-life.'"

Not her first time

Earlier this year, Jamil infamously blasted Georgia's pro-life "heartbeat" law and added that her abortion in her younger years was "the best decision I have ever made."

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