Salvation Army in Kansas City Unable to Deliver Christmas Food and Toys as Fleet of Vans Sabotaged Over the Weekend

The Salvation Army in Kansas City is seeking donations to repair a fleet of vans that were vandalized and sabotaged over the weekend, leaving them unable to deliver food and toys for Christmas.

The culprit punched holes in the gas tanks of the Chevy Vans, rendering them unable to be used. 
The organization brings food to the homeless and toys to underprivileged children during the holidays. Despite the obvious need for this type of charity, the Salvation Army has been under attack in recent months after Democrat Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg was photographed ringing a bell for them and the woke mob decided that they were bad for being religious.
“Pete Buttigieg Volunteered for the Homophobic Salvation Army,” a headline in the gay magazine Out read.
The left also bullied Chik-fil-A into stopping their donations to the organization.
The administrator and lead pastor of Northland Salvation Army, major James Mungai, told Ozarks First that as they attempted to fill the tanks, the gasoline was just pouring out of them.
“As I was filling it up, we had Niagara Falls coming out the bottom of the van,” Mungai said. “That’s a little frustrating, that’s disheartening, that’s discouraging. We don’t have enough money at this point, with two days left we are about 67% to our goal.”
The same Salvation Army was also hit by vandals who stole the copper wiring from their signs.

“For the last two months,” Mungai said, “it seems like we’ve been attacked.”
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