Texas Freeway Church Shooter Keith Kinnunen was a Repeat Felon – By Texas Law He Was Not Allowed to Own a Firearm — Kinnunen Didn’t Follow the Law

The Freeway Church shooter Keith Kinnunen was gunned down on Sunday after he shot two people during the church service in Texas.

Kinnunen was arrested in 2016 after police found him in possession of a .12 gauge shotgun and rounds while in the area of the Phillips 66 refinery in Linden, New Jersey. He was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a weapon.
Convicted felons cannot own guns in Texas. A felon in Texas can own a gun but only on his premises and five years after the conviction.

Keith Kinnunen was a felon with a long police record.
By Texas law he was not allowed to own a gun.

Yet, he went into a church on Sunday and shot two people before being shot dead.
Thank God for the good guys with their guns.
No gun control laws will prevent convicted felons like Kinnunen from acquiring a firearm.
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