VIDEO… ‘Like a Warzone’ – Police Officer Killed, 3 Others Wounded in Shootout in Jersey City – 6 Dead in ‘Kosher Supermarket’

One police officer is dead and 3 others are wounded after a shootout in Jersey City on Tuesday afternoon. 
According to the most recent reports, 6 people were found dead in a Kosher supermarket in a Jewish neighborhood.
Witnesses described the scene like a “warzone” with shots flying everywhere.
CBS New York reported:
Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop said police have found “multiple deceased” in a building police swarmed during the shootout, but did not provide specifics. Police had surrounded the building with heavily armed officers and armored vehicles.
One of the injured officers had been shot in the shoulder and two others had shrapnel injuries. A civilian was also injured.
The two suspects were also killed, along with three civilians. Their bodies were found in a kosher grocery store at Bayview Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard after an intense shootout with police. Police initially said they were looking for a man and a woman in the shooting.
It began at roughly 12:45 p.m. at the Bay View cemetery. Sources told CBS2 the suspects were spotted at the cemetery in a rental van. Officers recognized them as being wanted for questioning in a previous homicide, sources said. That’s when the two suspects opened fire and drove to the grocery store, where a massive gun battle took place. 
The shootout took place in a cemetery and corner store.
According to reports, the shootout took place in a Jewish neighborhood and the corner store was a ‘kosher’ store — 5 Jews were found dead inside of the store in a hostage situation.
WATCH: footage of the shootout: 
More footage of police moving in a line to take out the shooters: 

5 dead in a New Jersey Jewish grocery store — motive at this time is unknown.
The scene was described as a “warzone” by witnesses as shots were flying everywhere. 
Here is video from the scene. 
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