War on Christmas… Over? 88% of College Students Agree That it’s NOT Offensive to Say ‘Merry Christmas’ to Strangers

It seems as though the “War on Christmas” is wrapping up, as 88% of college students agree that it is not offensive to wish strangers a “Merry Christmas.”

According to the College Fix poll, which questioned 1,000 students, only four percent found the phrase offensive.
The Fix poll questioned roughly 1,000 students — 294 Democrat students, 531 independents and 171 college Republicans. Eight percent of Democrat students said it’s offensive to wish someone a Merry Christmas, 3 percent of independent students said it was, and only 1 percent of Republican students found it offensive,” College Fix reports.
This means that Democrat students are eight times more likely to be offended by the warm wishes than Republican students.
I’m atheist and not only do I say ‘merry Christmas’ but I make a point to reply to ‘happy holidays”’ with it lol,” one student from Ohio State responded after being polled.
A student from Oklahoma added, “I’m just happy when anyone wishes me anything. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, whatever. I just think it’s nice that someone took the time to wish me good tidings.
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