Where Democrat's Impeachment Efforts Stand After Pelosi's Announcement, in One Cartoon

As most readers know by now Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi instructed Jerry Nadler today to draw up Articles of Impeachment against President Trump.
To most it seemed an act of desperation after yesterday’s disaster of a hearing in the Judiciary Committee.
So here in one brutal cartoon is where Democrat’s impeachment effort stands as of right now:
Exactly right!
Pelosi is the captain of a ship that is sinking fast.
Her ship deserves to sink to the bottom of the ocean, never to be heard from again, 
Nancy Pelosi Had No Choice But To Call For Articles of Impeachment [Op-Ed]
In one of the most partisan moments in American history House Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi called for Articles of Impeachment to be drafted against President Donald Trump.
This should come as no surprise to anyone who has paid attention since the election of President Trump in November of 2016.
The Democrats have been angling for a way to impeach him from that date, months before he ever stepped foot in the White House.
But what was a stunner, even to those in the media as CNN called the press conference on Tuesday a surprise, was the fact that it was done this quickly.
In my opinion there is good reason for the Speaker to call for the Articles of Impeachment to be drawn right now.
That reason is House Judiciary Chairman and New York Rep. Jerry Nadler’s freak show that transpired on national television on Wednesday.
He paraded three liberal college professors before the House and before cameras to give their opinions on why the president should be impeached.
They had no facts and no direct knowledge of anything the president had done other than what they heard in the media.
But there they were, standing in front of the House and the American citizens, talking down to us and telling us why they know better than we do.
Heck, why even bother to have elections anymore? We could just conduct surveys of college professors and ask them who should be president.
It was a ridiculous sham, a clown show and an abomination to the United States and to democracy itself, played out for a worldwide audience.
And it happened while the President of the United States was abroad and conducting diplomacy at a meeting of NATO.
The hearing was a public relations disaster for the Democrats and Pelosi knew that she had to fix it before her entire case for impeachment sank like the Titanic.
She had to change the narrative and had to change the headlines because she knew that everything the Democrats had worked on for two years was falling apart before her eyes.
The Speaker invoked the name of the Founders in her speech calling for the Articles of Impeachment to be drafted, but there was no noble reason for her announcement.
It is a dark moment in American history, an impeachment that will forever be known as a partisan attempt at a coup de ’tat.
A black eye and a stain on our great nation, and historians will someday teach about this sham as an example of what Congress should not do.
It is not about free and fair elections, as Democrats have been preaching and attempting to convince you since this ersatz impeachment began.
It is about undoing a free and fair election because they have a personal animus towards the man who won and it is shameful.
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