“Why I’m a Democrat” Sign Explains the Rise of Bernie Sanders, "Better Than Working"

We all know that Bernie Sanders and AOC promise their voters a lot of free stuff in exchange for their vote.
It’s almost like a quid pro quo.
You vote for me and I’ll give you free college, reparations, free healthcare, and a whole basket of other goodies.
But how, in a place like the USA, did Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez become so popular?
This restaurant’s “Why I’m a Democrat” sign perfectly explains the rise of Bernie Sanders and AOC and has liberals who see it exploding with rage:
Now THAT is funny, and explains a LOT! 
The story below, pulled from this weeks headlines, perfectly illustrates Bernie and AOC’s philosophy that voting Democrat is better than working:
Ocasio-Cortez Says Free College, Healthcare Are Not Handouts, ‘Nobody Is Giving Us A Damn Thing’
New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could be the most entitled person in the United States, or even the world.
There have been many socialist leaders in history, but it is tough to remember someone who felt more personally entitled to everything.
From the start of her journey in Congress, before she was even sworn in, she was complaining about having to pay rent in two cities.
.@AOC: I’m tired of this idea that and tuition free public colleges are some hand out from somebody else. Nobody else is giving us a damn thing. We build this on our own.
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And even though she went from being a bartender to becoming a Congresswoman with a six-figure salary she still complained and called for a raise.
She has been one of the top proponents for Medicare For All, free college and any other handout you could imagine.
Which is why it was not a surprise last week when she advocated for those things again in front of a group of supporters.
But what was surprising, or at least mind numbing, was the fact that she believes, and wants her supporters to believe, that they have somehow earned them.
“I’m tired of this idea that Medicare for All and tuition-free public colleges are some handout from somebody else,” she said to her adoring crowd.
Newsflash nimrod. They are handouts from somebody else. This could be tough to comprehend for you so I’m going to say it slowly.
When someone else pays for something and then you, after doing no work for it, get it, that is the definition of a handout.
“Nobody else is giving us a damn thing,” she said to raucous applause. “We build this on our own. We fund it. We establish it. We fight for it. We create it.
“And no one should be able to take it away from us as they have been. So that’s that on that,” she said.
Ok, let’s give this another shot. Yes, people are giving you many things and when talking free healthcare and free college those are indeed given to you.
You did not build it. You did not create it. You did not establish it and you most definitely did not fund anything.
If you do not pay for these things guess who does. The taxpayers. And the taxpayers are also the ones who built it and established it.
The only part she got correct is that they fight for it. Never has anyone fought harder to be given things that do not belong to them than she has.
It is not just her though. Look at the crowd applauding her. All young people from her generation or younger.
This is undoubtedly the laziest most self-important and entitled generation that has ever existed.
What you are seeing is not a result of indoctrination by people like Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Sen. Bernie Sanders or Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
What you are witnessing is the result of a generation who was given a trophy just for existing. A generation of kids who were told that their feelings were of the utmost importance and told that no matter what they did it was fantastic.

As adults they cannot comprehend that they have to earn anything, and it is tough to blame them. They were never taught responsibility and hard work when they were kids.
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