Alan Dershowitz: My Cousin Wrote and Told Me to Change My Last Name for Joining Trump Defense Team (VIDEO)

BREAKING THIS FRIDAY MORNING– Ken Starr, Robert Ray and Democrat law professor Alan Dershowitz were selected to defend President Trump at the Senate impeachment trial starting next week.

Ken Starr is best known for leading the investigation and impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

Alan Dershowitz is a life-long Democrat attorney, author and Harvard Law Professor.
Pam Bondi is the former Florida Attorney General.
Later this afternoon Alan Dershowitz clarified his role on the Trump Defense Team. Dershowitz will present the constitutional argument impeachment at the Trump impeachment trial.
Friday night on Hannity Alan Dershowitz told the Hannity audience his family is not happy with his decision.
Alan Dershowitz: The reason I agreed to do this over the great objection of some of my family members and many, many friends. One of my relatives wrote to me today and said would you please change your last name.
Even standing on the side of truth will get you banished from the left.
Via Hannity:

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