Elizabeth Warren Campaign Office Vandalized In Portland — Two Days After It Opened

In the People’s Communist Democracy of Portland, Oregon, not even Elizabeth Warren is far enough left to appease the violent antifa terrorists and other far left wackos.
The Presidential hopeful opened a campaign office in the city just two days ago, and it’s already been vandalized. Evidently someone shattered the window with a rock, brick, or spike end of an anarcho-syndicalist flagpole.
On Jan. 12, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) opened a campaign office in Northeast Portland. By this morning, its front window had been smashed in.
Warren is the first presidential candidate to open a brick-and-mortar office in Portland. It’s on Northeast Halsey Street, near Northeast 102nd Avenue.
Photos of the vandalism at the Warren for President office were sent to WW this morning by a reader who walked by the shattered glass. Messages to the Warren campaign were not immediately returned. A Portland Police Bureau spokeswoman says no report has been filed.
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