GOP Senator Rick Scott is So Bored with Impeachment Hearing That He Jokes About Protesting Schumer So Sergeant-at-Arms Will Drag Him Out

Rick Scott 
Senators are in agony and bored out of their minds as Schiff and the Dems drone on and on repeating themselves as they desperately try to sell impeachment from the Senate floor.
It’s day three of hell week and Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) is so bored with the impeachment sham that he joked about screaming at Schumer so the Sergeant-at-Arms drags him out of the Senate gallery.
PERGRAM: GOP FL Sen Rick Scott on trial: We saw that protester yell something bad about Chuck Schumer. I’m thinking about possibly doing the same thing so the Sergeant- at-Arms will take me out also. This is ridiculous. We’ve heard the same thing three days in a row. 
Rick Scott was referring to a protester who burst into the Senate gallery earlier this week calling Schumer the devil.
Rick Scott earlier this week told Laura Ingraham that he’s bored out of his mind because the Dems are repeating themselves. 
Senators are so bored with the impeachment sham that they are playing with fidget spinners, reading books and drawing cartoons.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said it perfectly.
“Schiff holding the Senate hostage to his coup cabal’s defamatory filibuster of President Trump.”  
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