“It Turned Out that Statement Was Not Truthful” – Boom! – Trump Deputy Counsel Patrick Philbin Exposes Corrupt Liar Adam Schiff (VIDEO)

Deputy White House Counsel Patrick Philbin took the podium at 11:30 AM. 
Philbin, a former Comey deputy, was absolutely brilliant!
Patrick Philbin OBLITERATED the Pelosi impeachment process.
Philbin pointed out the partisan, defective and unprecedented tactics Democrats used in their sham impeachment process.
Philbin has a soft and serious tone that was very effective.
Then Patrick Philbin turned his sights on liar Adam Schiff.
This was BRUTAL!
Philbin exposed Adam Schiff’s lies and corruption.

Patrick Philbin: What changed? At first Manager Schiff agreed we should hear the unfiltered testimony from the whistleblower. But then he changed his mind… There was something else that came into play. And that was something Manager Schiff had said earlier when he was asked about whether he had spoken to the whistleblower.
Schiff: (TV clip) Uh, we have not spoken directly to the whistleblower. We would like to.
Patrick Philbin: And it turned out that statement was not truthful. Around October 2nd or 3rd it was exposed that Manager Schiff’s staff – at least — had spoken with the whistleblower before the whistleblower filed the complaint. And potentially had given some guidance of some sort to the whistleblower. And after that point it became critical to shut down any inquiry into the whistleblower… And Manager Schiff was in charge. He was chairing the hearings. And that creates a real problem from a due process perspective, from a search for truth perspective. Because he was an interested fact witness at that point. He had a reason. Since he had been caught out saying something that wasn’t true… It was he who ensured there wasn’t any inquiry into that… The Mueller Report… determined there was no conclusion. That wasn’t true… Chairman Schiff has made so much of the House case about the credibility of interpretations that the House managers want to place, on not hard evidence, but on inferences. They want to tell you what President Trump thought. They want to tell you don’t worry about what Zelensky said we can tell you what Zelensky actually thought… It is very relevant to know whether the assessment of evidence he’s presented in the past are accurate.
Patrick Philbin just exposed the dirty liar.
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