Roger Stone and Brandon Straka Back Laura Loomer’s Bid For Congress

Laura Loomer continues to pick up high-profile endorsements from big names in the America First movement as she builds a war chest to take on South Florida Democrat Lois Frankel in this year’s elections. Since announcing her intentions to take on the DC swamp, Loomer has shattered fundraising records and secured Trump’s former Florida state director as her lead campaign consultant.

In a statement obtained by TGP, Roger Stone, a seasoned political operative who helped shape President Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions decades ago, had this to say about Loomer’s candidacy. Stone was seen speaking on Loomer’s behalf just a few weeks ago in South Florida. Rush Limbaugh’s producer reportedly said that both he and El Rushbo would also support Loomer on election day with their votes.
“I have enthusiastically endorsed the candidacy of Laura Loomer for Congress and was pleased to see the president tweeting in support of her campaign last week. Based on my 40 years of experience in electoral politics, and a careful study of both polling and historical trends in the district, I am convinced that she is not only the best qualified candidate, but the only Republican candidate with a real prospect of victory.
Those who say that she cannot win are either being disingenuous or they are ignorant regarding the dynamics of what I believe will be one of the most exciting congressional campaigns and prospective victories we will win in 2020.
I stand 100% with Laura Loomer and I am highly confident that she will be sworn in as President Trump’s congresswoman in January 2020!”

Former Democrat Brandon Straka, who has been praised by President Trump for founding the #WalkAway Movement, which provides a home for disillusioned Democrats inspired by Trump’s efforts to bring America back from the brink of disaster, appeared at the Trump 45 Club in Palm Beach earlier this week to endorse Loomer as well.
“Laura Loomer is a rebel, just like President Trump and just like me. We need more rebels in office on our side. We need more people on our team who are willing to fight back.”
Straka’s #WalkAway movement has been recognized on numerous occasions by President Trump and has spread like wildfire across the United States, making him one of the most talked about former liberals who have seen the light under President Donald J. Trump.
Watch Straka’s endorsement of Loomer’s campaign below. 
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