Biden: Limbaugh Doesn’t Understand ‘American Code Of Decency And Honor.’ Here’s A Look At Biden’s Decency And Honor.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Rush Limbaugh, prompting Democrats to go haywire, notably former Vice President Joe Biden, who, when asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper what he thought about Limbaugh’s honor, mockingly crossed himself, prompting laughter, then answered by implying Rush was a racist and concluding, “I don’t think he understands the American code of decency and honor.”
Biden stated:
Rush Limbaugh spent his entire time on the air dividing people, belittling people, talking about blacks in ways, African-Americans in ways, that, anyway … I do feel badly and I mean this sincerely, that he’s suffering from a terminal illness, so he has my empathy and sympathy no matter what his background is, but the idea that he is at the State of the Union, receives a medal that is of the highest honor that can be committed (sic) given to a civilian, I find quite frankly, driven more by trying to maintain your right-wing political credentials than it is anything else. I mean, if you read some of the things that Rush has said about people, their backgrounds, their ethnicity, how he speaks to them; I don’t think he speaks — I don’t think he understands the American code of decency and honor.
Biden attacks Rush Limbaugh as being a racist but can't think of any examples, loses thought

Biden falsely claims that Limbaugh's diagnosis was "terminal," not confirmed

At the end Biden takes a shot at Trump & stops for applause ... & *no one* claps

CNN cuts to commercial
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Guess who got the Presidential Medal of Freedom from former President Barack Obama just before President Trump took office? Joe Biden, whom Obama called “the best vice president America’s ever had” and a “lion of American history.”
As PJ Media notes, “Only one president had previously given the medal to his sitting vice president: Gerald Ford gave it to Nelson Rockefeller after Rockefeller agreed to serve as vice president after Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace following the devastating Watergate scandal.”
Since Biden accused Limbaugh of not understanding “the American code of decency and honor” while Biden got the award himself, it is well worth remembering a certain senator’s behavior (Biden’s) during the confirmation hearings of the esteemed conservative jurist Robert Bork, who lost his chance at sitting on the Supreme Court when Biden, as the head of the Judiciary Committee, joined forces with Senator Ted Kennedy to tar Bork as a racist.
As Bork wrote in his classic “The Tempting of America”:
The Biden Report, issued on September 2, stated that “Judge Bork’s extensive record shows that he has opposed virtually every major civil rights advance on which he has taken a position. The Report also converted my remarks some sixteen year earlier about advocacy of law violation into opposition to civil rights.”
After quoting a passage from the report, Bork continued, “Here as elsewhere, the Biden report so thoroughly misrepresented a plain record that it easily classifies as world class in the category of scurrility.”
Bork added:

The Biden Report asserted that “Judge Bork’s Opinions Show A Decidedly Pro-Business Pattern,” and “Judge Bork’s Opinions On Labor issues Have Markedly Favored Employers.” In my book, The Antitrust Paradox, I argued that the only proper purpose of the antitrust laws was to promote the welfare of consumers. Biden’s group attempted to make that position seem actually hostile to consumers.
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