Dick Morris: Bloomberg Crashes as Sanders, Warren and Biden Gain

I have never seen a debate where a candidate was more soundly beaten than was Mike Bloomberg last night.
He got clobbered.
He never answered the charges against him. His promise to only release his tax returns after a third of the country has voted on Super Tuesday casts a shadow over his business career.
And, at the same time, his refusal to release those with nondisclosure agreements from their vows of silence about his sexual misconduct fans suspicions about his private conduct and beliefs.
His failure to meet these attacks makes it self-evident that he would be a national punching bag if he wins the nomination.
For the rest of the field, it was a series of three two-way contests.
Warren beat Klobuchar. In the competition for the woman vote, Warren showed herself to be strong and aggressive when Klobuchar showed herself to be weak, vulnerable, and emotional.
Biden beat Buttigieg.  In the contest for the centrist voters, the former vice-president’s strength,  substance, and knowledge made it clear that Mayor Pete is a lightweight peddling soundbites who is just not ready for prime time.
Sanders beat Bloomberg. He destroyed his billionaire opponent and rallied his vote to the cause.
Bloomberg presented a big target and Sanders’ shots hit home time after time. He showed how natural it was to go after one billionaire even as he was going after them all.
Most likely the overall winner is Bernie Sanders.
That means that Trump is the real winner of the Democratic debate. Sanders cannot beat him. Bloomberg, on paper, could.
But he showed himself to be an inarticulate, bigoted, arrogant phony who would be worse than Trump.
In fact, all of defects people perceive in Trump are even more glaring in Bloomberg.
Advantage: Sanders, Warren, and Biden.
Big advantage: Trump.
Bye bye Amy and Pete … and maybe Mike Bloomberg.
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