Donald Trump, Jr. Gets Clowned For Channeling Johnnie Cochran's Famous O.J. Simpson Defense Regarding His Pappy's Impeachment Acquittal

Is this another messy AF case of cultural appropriation?
Or is it a dead-on comparison? (Pun intended.)
Whatever it is, can someone please get these people a copy of Social Media for Dummies?
In an asinine attempt to compare his father’s fugazi impeachment acquittal, Donald Trump, Jr. has brought up O.J. Simpson’s “Trial of the Century.”
In a post to his Instagram account, Little Junior shared a meme featuring Simpson’s late defense lawyer Johnnie Cochran, with a play on his infamous line, “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”
“If you cant impeach rip up the speach,” read the meme, replete with a glaring misspelling.
The meme was a reference to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s tearing up her copy of his pappy’s speech during Tuesday’s State of the Union address.
“Guess we know where Nancy got her terribly contrived plan,” he captioned the meme.
The post received nearly 100,000 likes since it published Thursday.
And all of it wasn’t a love fest.
Some of the folks who follow his nonsense went ham on that ass.
“Your daddy, buddy, is still impeached and will always be impeached,” one commenter wrote. “Acquittal can be tricky for even the most basic social studies student, but it’s nice to see that you’re catching up. Good job, buddy.
“Not to mention, OJ was acquitted but guilty AF…Nice comparison junior”—someone else added.
Another wrote: “You could have spelled speech correctly and your point would still be not only weren’t funny but you confirmed you’re stupid
Little Junior’s social media stunting was summed up the best with a commenter who wrote: “when you try to meme and fail so hard lol”
Like father, like son.
The irony of it all is that many believe that O.J. Simpson did kill his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and restaurant waiter Ron Goldman on June 12, 1994.
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