Historical Reminder: Communism ONLY Helps Those on the Very Top – Here’s a Look at Bernie’s Three Lavish Homes

Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg got hammered last night in his first presidential debate.
The billionaire businessman made the mistake of defending capitalism to the commie hordes.
However, Mini-Mike did land one shot on Bernie Sanders.
Mike Bloomberg to Bernie Sanders: “What a wonderful country we have… the best known socialist in the country happens to be the millionaire with three houses”
Bernie Sanders was later labeled a communist by the former New York City mayor.
This seems fair. After all, Bernie honeymooned in the Soviet Union and his policies are complete takeover of private industry and wealth.
Anyone who’s studied history knows this will end in severe poverty, suffering and violence for 99% of the population.
But Bernie doesn’t care.
As long as he lands on top.
Bloomberg forced Bernie to claim that it’s totally normal to own a ‘Summer Camp’.
Bernie the Socialist owns three beautiful homes as Bloomberg pointed out.
And these are not just rundown shacks in the woods.

Bernie owns an elaborate home in Burlington, Vermont.
And Bernie Sanders owns a DC row house that was built in the 1800s.
Bernie purchased a $575,000 lake home in cash in 2016.

Not bad for a guy who never had a steady paycheck ’til he was 40 and then went into politics.
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