“I Know Who It Is… We Won’t Get Into It” – President Trump Says He Knows the Identity of the Anonymous Leaker and Coward (VIDEO)

President Trump spoke with reporters on Tuesday at Andrews Air Force Base.
During the questions and answers the president was asked about the identity of the “Anonymous” anti-Trump leaker.
Yesterday it was reported that several NSC officials were asked to leave the White House including Victoria Coates who some suspect of being the “anonymous” author who trashes President Trump in the New York Times.
The cowardly “anonymous” is currently working on an anti-Trump book to smear Trump some more.
The publishers of the upcoming “anonymous” book say Coates is not Anonymous.
President Trump told the reporters he knows who anonymous is.
President Trump: “It’s not so much a search. I know who it is…I can’t tell you that. We won’t get into it. People know it’s a fraud. I know who it is. And I know who some of the leakers are but some of the leakers don’t exist. It’s made up by the press.”
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