Will YouTube Ban This Sketch Skewering Parents Who Let Their Children Change Gender?

So, the question is: How long does this stay up?
It’s not just rhetorical.
A YouTube sketch comedy group that’s had one of its videos on gender issues banned in the past has produced a new video on the phenomenon of parents who let their children decide their own gender.
And you can pretty much start the pool in terms of how much longer this latest clip has on Google’s video platform.
According to The Christian Post, the sketch was posted by We The Internet TV late last month, and it deals with a father whose 3-year-old son has just told him he’s a girl.
“We’re all hanging out on the couch watching Netflix together, and Tommy turns to Sarah and me and says, ‘I’m a girl now,'” the father says to a co-worker.
“I had no idea, but who am I to question my 3-year-old child, right?”
“Yeah, you’re just his parent,” the co-worker says.
“Well, it’s not actually ‘his,'” the father replies.
“Right! Sorry, her,” the co-worker responds.
Actually, it’s more complicated like that. The young boy — sorry, girl — wants their own preferred pronoun, which sounds suspiciously like a fart.
Will [fart noise] start kindergarten? Well, it seems like they don’t want to do so — and 3-year-olds are always right, after all.
“Also, we’re starting [fart noise] on hormone blockers next week, so we don’t really have a lot of free time,” the parent explains.
Meanwhile, another father comes in and says his potty-trained daughter has decided she’d prefer to continue going in her pants. Her decision, after all.
And then another parent comes in announcing her son’s an astronaut — because, obviously, he told her so.
The sketch goes on like this for a while — and then the boss comes in. The boss is a child, of course, because who else would we listen to?
This displays one of the essential fallacies of pre-teen transgender movement, particularly with children who don’t show signs of deep and profound gender dysphoria: We act as parents not because we want to oppress our children but out of love.
We don’t simply allow children to make their own decisions for themselves.
They can’t play Nintendo Switch and ignore homework because they believe they’re Luigi.
We don’t let them eat an entire box of pasta for dinner — much less cook it on the stove.
They’re not allowed to watch horror movies at age 5.
Why? Because they don’t have that judgment.
But when it comes to gender issues, however, some parents are willing to grant an extraordinary amount of unscientific leeway.
The video hasn’t been taken down yet, so it’s hard to tell if that will happen, or if so, when.
That being said, this is the kind of trenchant logic that tends to get pushback on YouTube — especially when you consider a previous video the group did on transgender issues resulted in a YouTube ad ban in 2018.
This wasn’t a comedy sketch, according to The Federalist, but an interview with Dr. Deborah Soh.
The interview was mostly about Soh’s support of James Damore, the Google employee who was fired after a paper he wrote on gender relations and political correctness within the company.
However, in “the video that the banned ad promotes, called ‘Sex, Gender and Bulls—, Part 1,’ WTI’s head writer, Lou Perez, interviews Soh about the transgender movement.”
WTI said that the ad was banned because it promoted “dangerous or derogatory content.”
Will the same happen here? Will the video get pulled down?
Well, it certainly makes too much sense on an issue Google and YouTube have a very definite line on.
You make the call.
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