Worship leader’s song bashes Christians who support President Trump: 'Ripping mothers from their babies'

A worship leader from South Bend, Indiana, is calling to repentance all Christians who support President Donald Trump with a new song, titled, "Hymn for the 81%."
The song, which refers to the 81% support for the president among white evangelicals, is meant as "a lament and a rebuke," according to writer Daniel Deitrich of South Bend City Church.
In an interview with Religion News Service, Deitrich said he had been "confused and deeply saddened" by so many evangelicals' unflinching support for the president despite his "bragging about sexually assaulting women" and "enacting deliberately cruel policies to rip families apart and put children in cages at the southern border."
"I looked to you to speak on their behalf / But all I heard was silence / Or worse you justify it," he sings. "You weaponized religion / and you wonder why I'm leaving / to find Jesus on the wrong side of your walls … "
Listen to the full song here:

The interviewer in the RNS article called the song "a cocktail of prophetic fire and Christ-like grace."
"Daniel Deitrich's hymn is both a love song to the church and a call to repentance, which castigates the Trump administration for 'putting kids in cages, ripping mothers from their babies,' but blames the church for failing to rein them in," he continued.
When asked if more songs like "Hymn for the 81%" should be expected, Deitrich says he wishes he didn't have to write the song but suspects more songs like it will continue to be necessary.
"There's so much work to do to combat white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, sexism — all the ways in which people are treated as less than the children of God that they are," he said.
In its coverage of the story, The Daily Wire noted that Deitrich never mentions Trump's opponents' radical position on abortion, which seeks to legalize abortions up until birth, and sometimes even after. Discussing the pro-abortion position of some Democrats, Trump has argued that they desire to "rip babies from their mother's wombs."
The Daily Wire article observed that "strangely, the song speaks of the Trump administration 'ripping mothers from their babies,'" in reference to the Trump administration's immigration policies at the southern border, "but the Democratic Party's pro-abortion stance gets no mention."
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