Approx. 200 Patients and Staff at Wisconsin Children’s Hospital Being Tested for Coronavirus After Doctor Confirmed Positive

Approximately 200 staff members and patients at a Wisconsin children’s hospital are being tested for the Chinese coronavirus after a doctor tested positive.

The doctor at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Wauwatosa who tested positive had contacted the virus after travelling out of state.
Andy Brodzeller, spokesperson for the hospital, told The Hill that the doctor had tested positive for the virus on Monday and has since been “quarantined at home with mild symptoms and is recovering.” He added that the doctor had been on the Milwaukee campus from March 9-15.
“In total, 48 patient families, plus staff, have been identified and contacted. They have all been advised on next steps based on [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] guidelines, ranging from monitoring for symptoms, self-quarantine or testing,” Brodzeller said.
“In the 48, 10 are patients we are caring for in the hospital. Thirty-eight were either discharged from the hospital or never admitted,” he continued.
The spokesperson said that the hospital has “rigorous internal systems for infection prevention, and have expanded them greatly in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.”
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that none of the patients considered to be at the highest risk of developing serious respiratory illness tested positive for the virus.
The father of a teenage girl with leukemia who is being isolated with his daughter said that they have not been tested yet, however, due to a shortage of the tests.
“What if she’s negative and I come down with it and infect her?” the father told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “They are setting themselves up for a huge lawsuit because common sense isn’t being used here.”

He added that nurses and doctors had not been wearing masks when treating his daughter prior to the doctor being confirmed positive.
A nurse told the paper that “it’s tense, tense, tense.”
“There are so many questions and not enough transparency,” the nurse added.
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