So Wicked: Pelosi Slams Republicans and Lies About GOP “Tax Scam” that Cut Taxes for Working Americans, Saying it Cost America $2 Trillion

Has there ever been a more dishonest and immoral politician in US history?
Even in a national crisis Nancy Pelosi stalled the process this week and delayed much needed relief to American families. 
Pelosi tried to stuff the coronavirus stimulus package with a far left dream list including financial assistance to illegal alien lawbreakers and sanctuary cities.
She tried to ram into the bill illegal ballot harvesting which is currently against the law in several states.
And then when Congress finally comes to an agreement Pelosi grabs a microphone and spews lie after lie to the American public.
During her presser on Thursday Nancy Pelosi claimed the current $2 trillion coronavirus bill was “about the cost” of the GOP tax cuts to American workers.
Of course, this is a complete lie based on zero facts.
The Republican tax cuts signed by President Trump created the greatest economic growth in US history and a record stock market.
The GOP tax cuts signed by President Trump put millions of Americans to work and gave us the lowest unemployment rates in history.
80% to 90% of Americans saw tax relief from the GOP bill.
Pelosi doesn’t care if she lies.
It’s all about power.
What a horrible woman. 
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