This Chrome Extension Will Help You Watch Netflix With Online Friends During Coronavirus Quarantine

So, you’re stuck at home because of the coronavirus, practicing “social distancing” from all your friends. Well, what if you could all watch Netflix together online without having to do something annoying like counting down and making sure you all click “play” at the same time so you’re all watching the show or movie at the exact same time?
The Netflix Party Chrome extension can make things easier by automatically synchronizing video playback and adding a group chat to your browser while you all watch what you want on Netflix together. Though Netflix is in the name of the extension and is the platform used by the extension, the company has nothing to do with it, CNN reported.
“Disclaimer: A Netflix spokesperson told CNN the Netflix Party extension is not affiliated with Netflix. Netflix representatives are instructed not to try to troubleshoot it or attempt to answer questions about it,” the outlet reported.
The extension only works for Chrome, so you would need to download that first. Then you can download the Netflix Party extension from the browser’s web store.
Once you have it installed, find what you and your friends want to watch on Netflix, then select the extension from the top right area of your browser (it will be next to the place where you type in URLs).
“When you click on the Netflix Party extension, it will give you the option of being the only person with control over the player — meaning only you can rewind, forward, or add subtitles to the video,” CNN explained. “Once you’ve decided, you can then copy the URL and share it with your friends. Make sure to check the box ‘show chat’ if you want a chat box to appear alongside the video. With the box, everyone watching the video can send each other messages while watching.”
Your friends who will be watching with you will also have to download the extension. After that, have the click the URL you were provided, which will allow them to join the video and the chat. When you’re all done watching, simply click on the extension in the top right corner and select “disconnect.”
The Daily Wire previously reported tips for those who have been forced to work from home due to the coronavirus and for those who now must also homeschool their children as school’s across the country have been closed down to stop the outbreak.
While watching Netflix together is a great way to stay connected with your friends when it’s not safe to meet publicly, the tips explained in the article above are helpful for what to do when you’re not getting a moment to enjoy yourself.
For those suddenly finding themselves working from home, I suggested taking micro-breaks to give your brain a rest. This could be reading an article for fun or, for me, playing a few minutes of a simple video game to take your mind off work and allow you to then refocus and be more productive.
As for parents, multiple writers with children provided tips for how to keep your children occupied so you can work, including doing your most focused work when they are napping.
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