UK Health Secretary: Soon Every Briton Over Age of 70 Will Be Asked to Stay Home for Up to 4 Months

The UK Department of Health and Social Care announced on Sunday:
** 38,907 Britons have been tested for coronavirus
** 1,372 Britons have tested positive
** There have been 35 deaths in the country blamed on coronavirus
The UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced every Briton over the age of 70 will be told “within the coming weeks” to stay at home for an extended period to shield them from coronavirus.
Every victim in the UK was from age 60 to 90.
The BBC reported:
He told the BBC the advice will not come into force just yet but when it does it will last “a very long time”.
It comes as 14 more people have died in the UK after testing positive for the virus, bringing total deaths to 35.
Manufacturers will be asked to make extra NHS ventilators, Mr Hancock said.
The total number of confirmed UK cases of the virus has reached 1,372, with a total of 40,279 people being tested, according to the latest figures released by the Department of Health and Social Care.
Of the 14 patients that died, all were aged between 60 and 90, and most had underlying health conditions, according to the latest information released by hospital trusts.
Great Britain is looking to force its seniors to stay confined at home.
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