Cuomo Calls Trump Comments Bulls***, But Turns Out Cuomo Created That Bull with Selective Editing

CNN’s Chris Cuomo aired a selectively edited video this week in an attempt to mislead his viewers into believing President Donald Trump said he took no preventative action to protect the country from the coronavirus because he didn’t want to upset people.
Home with what he said was a high fever after being diagnosed with COVID-19, Cuomo took two clips from Trump’s Tuesday coronavirus task force media briefing and spliced them into a single piece of fake news.
“Well, the cases really didn’t build up for a while, but you have to understand, I’m a cheerleader for this country. I don’t want to create havoc and shock and everything else,” Trump said in a clip Cuomo aired on his CNN show “Cuomo Prime Time.”
The clip jumped ahead a bit in Trump’s remarks, conveniently leaving out what the president said in between.
“I’m not going to go out and start screaming, ‘this could happen, this could happen,’” Trump continued in the deceptively edited clip. 
Cuomo then went into a prolonged rant chastising the president over those comments.
“That was the most asinine statement of leadership I have ever heard, and I can’t even dismiss it on the president having a 102 fever like I do, because that is clear thinking from him,” Cuomo said.
“I’m a cheerleader, so, I’m going to lie to you about the realities that your parents, your loved ones and your kids face — I’m not going to prepare the way I should because it reinforces the bulls— I’m telling you and I’m going to hope you’re OK with it,” Cuomo ranted.
WARNING: The following videos contain vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive. Viewer discretion is advised:

"That was the most asinine statement of leadership I have ever heard."@ChrisCuomo responds to President Trump downplaying the dangers of coronavirus while calling himself a "cheerleader for this country."
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Of course, anyone who watched the briefing knew exactly what Cuomo did — he lied, just as liars do.
What Trump actually said Tuesday was that he was concerned with the potential danger of the virus early and took prudent actions, while simultaneously attempting not to panic the country.
The president clearly explained that he banned travel from China back in January and later extended the travel ban to Europe. 
Those remarks, in case you were wondering, came between the two clips that Cuomo played on his show.
Cuomo didn’t include the full video because it didn’t further his narrative.
After watching the media briefing again, I noticed that Trump actually left out an important detail: He created the coronavirus task force on Jan. 27 and appointed Vice President Mike Pence to lead it.
Of course CNN, Cuomo’s network, mocked the task force for its “lack of diversity.”
The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra tweeted Cuomo’s edited version of Trump’s comments and included the president’s full remarks in, context, at the end of the video.
CNN's Chris Cuomo deceptively edited this clip to make it look like Trump said that he didn't take action on the coronavirus because he didn't want to upset people

After the CNN clip, Trump's full remarks play which show Trump talking about the action he took

Cuomo cut that out
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Trump doesn’t call CNN fake news for nothing.
Cuomo politicized his own case of the coronavirus — and had to lie while doing so — in order to try and make the president look bad.
Chris Cuomo has hosted his older brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on his program multiple times.
Sidelined with COVID-19, the younger Cuomo has complained of his symptoms during the interviews but never once asked his governor brother why he was still downplaying the threat of the coronavirus last month.
On March 5, Andrew Cuomo took to Twitter to warn against “undue anxiety and fear,” while equating the coronavirus with “the flu.”
We are taking every action to make sure NYers are safe.

But undue anxiety and fear is a threat in itself. Let's fight fear with facts:

•80% of the people who get the will self-resolve
•Some context: There are thousands of people in the hospital today with the flu
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There wasn’t a word about the tweet from the younger Cuomo.
Cuomo’s duplicity and dishonesty is precisely why people should watch every White House news conference, if given the opportunity.

CNN has now resorted to editing his comments in order to conceal just how hard Trump is working for the American people.
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