GOOD NEWS! The 'Experts' Were Wrong Again - Global Coronavirus Cases Appear to Have Peaked - Down 16% on April 4th and Then 15% on April 5th

This is terrific news!
Global coronavirus cases peaked on April third and are dropping fast.
BREAKING: Worldwide new COVID-19 cases peaked on April 3 at 101,566, and are falling at a substantial rate -- with a drop of 16% on April 4 and another drop of 15% on April 5 to 71,418, marking the lowest level of reported new cases since March 30.
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April 2 — 79,864
April 3 — 101,566
April 4 — 84,821
April 5 — 71,418
Total new cases peaked on April 3rd.
This is wonderful news.
And, God willing, the numbers will continue to drop.
It looks like the so-called ‘experts’ were not just wrong on the US death totals, they were also wrong about the number of cases to expect, and they also were wrong about the timing of the pandemic.

It’s time to open the economy.
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