Latest CDC COVID-19 Numbers Make the Doom-and-Gloom Cult Look Like Complete Idiots

The CDC recently released coronavirus numbers from February 1, 2020 to April 18, 2020.
With each day it is getting harder and harder for these so-called experts to defend their complete destruction of the American economy.
Since February there have been 17,229 COVID-19 deaths.
Another 7,676 died from COVID-19 and pneumonia.
During this same time period 49,013 Americans died from pneumonia. 
And then there is the age gap.
There were 20 deaths under the age of 25.
That comes out to 0.1% of all coronavirus deaths.
There were 13,518 deaths over 65 years of age.
There is no way in hell this justifies the complete destruction of the US economy.
When this is all over the good doctors and garbage IHME researchers will have a lot of explaining to do!
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The most recent age-stratified US death data, per @CDCgov: 3 deaths under 15, 510 deaths under 45 (approximately 190,000,000 Americans are under 45), 4,900 over 85. 
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Here are the numbers via the CDC website:
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