Shocking moment shopper headbutts rival outside Co-op store in Poole after victim got into row with store staff

Shocking footage has been released revealing the moment a man violently headbutts a Co-op customer outside a shop.
The clip shows a man in a black polo shirt squaring up to a younger man in a white T-shirt, who was allegedly threatening staff at a store in Poole, Dorset.    
The young man, who was left with a bloody nose, apparently became irate after being followed around the store by shop workers. 

A woman is heard shouting in the background trying to diffuse the situation.
The younger man then goads the man: 'What just because you are Scottish you think you are bad. I will f*** you up!'

The man in black suddenly lunges forward with his head, cracking the man on the nose.
The woman then exclaims: 'Oh f****** hell, call the police!'
Blood begins to run down the man's nose, who appears unmoved by the incident.

The Scottish-sounding man then says: 'Don't threaten me. Don't f****** threaten me!'
The other man then says: 'I will put a Stanley blade in your throat now c***.'
The woman standing at the store entrance says: 'I'll tell you what just back off, leave please. 
The bleeding man then picks up his bag and says: 'F****** pathetic man.'
The man in black reiterates to the customer: 'Don't threaten me, don't threaten staff. None of this is okay. Do one.'
The victim then continues: 'I've been in this shop yeah, and I have been followed about for no f****** reason. Just because I am wearing this.'
The woman near the door is then heard saying: 'I told you why he is a security guard and that is what he does.'
The dramatic footage was uploaded to Facebook on Saturday with the caption: 'Creekmoor' in reference to the area it took place in.
The video has been viewed over 635,000 times.
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