Washington Post 'gleefully' reports death of pastor who said 'God is larger than' coronavirus

In the latest episode of "Relatable," Allie Beth Stuckey ripped into the Washington Post, which seemed to delight in reporting the death of a pastor who tragically died from COVID-19.
When Bishop Gerald Glenn died on Sunday, the Washington Post was quick to tweet the story with the headline, "Prominent Virginia pastor who said 'God is larger than this dreaded virus' dies of covid-19." 

"They seemingly gleefully tweeted that he died," said Allie. "Obviously, what they are trying to depict for you in that tweet is the irony of a person of faith, someone who puts their faith in God, dying. That's what they're trying to demonstrate ... but they're so secular and stupid that they don't understand that this pastor dying of the coronavirus doesn't actually undermine what he said."
Watch the video below to get Allie's take on this latest example of how the media is not on the side of Christians.

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