At This Point Lock Downs Are Insane – Communist China Provides More Freedom than Socialist Blue States

We reported two months ago that coronavirus would die out in the summer.  This appears now to be correct but it is difficult to see with the bogus data collected and reported to date. In spite of the facts the anti-American shut downs continue in the Blue states.

In spite of drastically declining numbers, the Blue states in the US (i.e. Democrat run states) are doing all they can to hurt their constituents and keep them away from being able to pay their bills.
1. The current charts are not helpful as they instill fear and are not relevant – this has not changed.
This chart, for example, from FOX News shows only total cases to date tested and verified and total deaths to date:
The problem with this chart is that it under reports those who have the coronavirus which have not been tested which is in the millions and it overstates deaths due to coronavirus because the CDC counts all deaths where an individual had the coronavirus or is suspected of having the coronavirus, whether that was the main cause of death or not.
The actual mortality rate when considering these items is like that of the flu.
2. We reported that on a per capita basis the numbers are less concerning:
This is still a key point.  However, when looking at the overall numbers, three states account for nearly 50% of all coronavirus deaths in the US: New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.
These states have Democrat leadership and their leaders are keeping the states closed.  Mainland China is more free than these Blue states!
3. The China coronavirus is spreading but probably not accelerating:
This too is the case.  However the numbers and charts don’t show it.  As the US tests more and more people, the number of Americans with the China virus stays the same.  If the US had tested at the same rate, the number of new cases would decrease.
The death rate in the US peaked a month ago, via CDC.
4. The coronavirus will decline no matter what the media says:
This too is still the case but today’s data doesn’t show it because America is testing many more people and because the US is including all individuals with the coronavirus or suspected of having the coronavirus in its counts.
The virus is on a bell curve as the numbers from China and South Korea showed two months ago. This thing reaches a peak and then declines as viruses typically do:
But the data in the US is bogus – it’s tainted.  For new cases, the numbers increase because thousands more are being tested each day.
Deaths are similar.  There is simply no way the numbers being reported are accurate.  They make no sense.  The number of deaths should be on a normal distribution.  Some funny numbers are being reported:

5. You have a low probability of catching the coronavirus:
Although the China virus may stay on surfaces, it likely loses it potency in a very short period of time.  It is almost non – transferable outdoors in the open.
6. The virus will likely burn off in the summer like other viruses:
This was a key point two months ago and still today.  The China coronavirus simply will not thrive in the heat and the numbers are showing it.
The University of Maryland mapped severe COVID-19 outbreaks with local weather patterns around the world, from the US to China. They found that the virus thrives in a certain temperature and humidity channel. “The researchers found that all cities experiencing significant outbreaks of COVID-19 have very similar winter climates with an average temperature of 41 to 52 degrees Fahrenheit, an average humidity level of 47% to 79% with a narrow east-west distribution along the same 30–50 N” latitude”, said the University of Maryland.
The green area above is where the virus is currently thriving. It does not do well in hotter and more humid environments.
7. As we have noted, children and teens are less affected.
We reported today that the average person under age 30 is more likely to die from drowning than from the coronavirus.  There is simply no reason students are not in school now.  To keep them away from school is abuse and ignorant.
8. The fatality rate is declining:
The charts above show it.

It is insane to keep the country locked down at this time.  There is no reason for it.  China is more open today than many of the Blue states and China is run by committed communists.  It’s time for the US to re-open everywhere.

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