CNN Completely Ignores Tara Reade’s Call For Joe Biden To Drop Out After Accuser’s First TV Interview

CNN does news 24/7/365.
But the uber-liberal network couldn’t find one second — not a single second — to cover the credible sexual assault accusation against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.
Tara Reade, who says Biden accosted her in 1993 and inserted a finger into her vagina, appeared online on Fox News on Thursday — her first public appearance since her making her allegations.
Not interested, CNN said.

Reade told host Megyn Kelly in an interview that Biden should “step forward and be held accountable.” She also said Biden should abandon his 2020 run for president.
“”I wish he would. But he won’t, but I wish he would. That’s how I feel emotionally. … You should not be running on character for the president of the United States,” Reade said.
“A review of CNN transcripts from May 7 revealed that the liberal network did not cover Reade’s first on-camera interview on Thursday,” Fox New reported.
Ironically, CNN’s media newsletter – which did make a brief mention of Reade’s decision to speak with Kelly instead of a larger new organization – asked the question, ‘Will the interview get widespread attention?
It seems the answer is “no,” at least when it comes to CNN. … A search of CNN’s May 7 transcripts for the terms “Tara,” “Tara Reade,” “Megyn,” “Megyn Kelly,” “Kelly” and “accuser” did not yield any results.
Reade’s interview came the same day that a court document from 1996 surfaced that shows Reade told her ex-husband she was sexually harassed while working for Biden in 1993, when she was 29 and Biden was 51.
In it,  then-husband Theodore Dronen wrote Reade told him about “a problem she was having at work regarding sexual harassment, in U.S. Senator Joe Biden’s office,” said the document, exclusively obtained by The Tribune in San Luis Obispo, California.
In the filing dated March 25, 1996, Dronen testified that he met Reade in the spring of 1993 while the two worked for separate members of Congress in Washington, D.C.
Dronen wrote that Reade told him she “eventually struck a deal with the chief of staff of the Senator’s office and left her position.”
“It was obvious that this event had a very traumatic effect on (Reade), and that she is still sensitive and effected (sic) by it today,” Dronen wrote.
Reade said during a podcast in March that Biden pinned her against a wall and penetrated her with his fingers without her consent in his Senate office in 1993. She was 29 at the time, Biden was 51.
“He greeted me, he remembered my name, and then we were alone. It was the strangest thing,” Reade said. “There was no like, exchange really. He just had me up against the wall.
“It happened all at once,” she said. “His hands were on me and underneath my clothes, and he went down my skirt and then up inside it and he penetrated me with his fingers and he was kissing me at the same time and he was saying something to me.
“I remember him saying first, like, as he was doing it, ‘Do you wanna go somewhere else?’ And then him saying to me when I pulled away, he got finished doing what he was doing and I kind of pulled back and he said, ‘Come on, man. I heard you liked me.’ “
More evidence that Reade had told people about the alleged incident shortly after it happened emerged last week when a video clip from 1993 surfaced that allegedly shows Reade’s mother calling into CNN’s “Larry King Show” to ask what her daughter should do after having problems with a “prominent senator.”
Part of the transcript is below:
KING: San Luis Obispo, California, hello.
CALLER: Yes, hello. I’m wondering what a staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington? My daughter has just left there, after working for a prominent senator, and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him.
KING: In other words, she had a story to tell but, out of respect for the person she worked for, she didn’t tell it?
CALLER: That’s true.
For his part, Biden vehemently denied the claim last week, saying, “It is not true. I’m saying it unequivocally — it never happened. It didn’t. It never happened.”
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