Democratic Governors Association becomes a laughingstock over failed meme attempt

The Democratic Governors Association made an apparent attempt to dunk on someone on Wednesday by using a popular online meme trend, but ended up embarrassing its own organization for not only missing the mark but accidently hitting themselves in the face.

What are the details?

Social media has been filled lately with people posting funny memes showing images indicating their optimism for what their grand plans for 2020 were originally, next to a disappointing image representing how the year has actually turned out so far.
In an attempt to join in on the fun, the DGA posted a picture of failed 2018 Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, next to the Republican who beat her, now-Gov. Brian Kemp.

The posting on Twitter drew immediate ridicule. Beyond the obvious fact that the race between Abrams and Kemp happened years ago, the images drew attention to the fact that Kemp was the victor despite Abrams' refusal to ever concede the race and inability to accept her loss.
One Twitter user reacted by replying, "Congrats on finally conceding, you loon," while another wrote, "So your plans are it." Someone else posted, "You guys are so, so bad at this."
Several called the DGA's ratioed post a "self-own," and many also issued the common refrain that "the left can't meme."
In one of the more polite responses, a tweeter was kind enough to explain to the DGA, "You missed the point. You're supposed to put something wonderful under 'my plans' and something unexpectedly bad under '2020.'"
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