‘God Bless America’: Colorado Restaurant Opens In Defiance Of State Order

On Tuesday, Colorado restaurant owner Karen Starr announced that she would be opening her restaurant for in-dining room customers beginning on Wednesday.
In a Facebook post, Starr wrote in part:
Karen’s Kafe And Stephanie’s Bar and Grill with Western Omelette 3 in Calhan CO have decided to respect your Constitutional Rights and Protections! As of 6 May 2020, you will once again have the Right to Choose dine in. We Will be operating at 50% or less capacity to continue to maintain social distancing. We will continue to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. We will continue to offer curbside pickup, regular takeout and delivery.
“God Bless America,” Starr signed off.
Western Omelette 3 is a separate restaurant in Calhan, Colorado, which is also open as of Wednesday.
Speaking with KKTV, a Colorado CBS affiliate, Starr said that opening her restaurant isn’t about “going against the governor,” but about the “constitutional right to assemble.”
Despite reportedly being notified by El Paso County Public Health that she is in violation of the state’s COVID-19 order, Starr remains defiant, telling KKTV that if she “went to jail, it’d be worth it.”
In an update to the original report, the outlet wrote that “the El Paso County Health Department has confirmed with [KKTV] that they are moving forward with a cease and desist order against Karen’s Kafe and Stephanie’s Bar and Grill.”
The positive reaction emojis largely outweigh the negative reactions on the restaurant’s Facebook post, though a battle rages in the comments section.
One user wrote: “I may just need to make a trip out to Calhan. Glad to see you standing up against these politicians and their idiotic scare tactics!! Hopefully they leave you alone and allow you the choice to survive rather than lose everything you’ve worked for as a small business owner.”
Another user wrote: “Good job!! I think I might have to make a trip out to Calhan to support you!! Hopefully they leave you alone! #America.”
Others were not so enthusiastic.
In response to a positive comment, one user wrote: “I hope you all wear masks and do not get ill with this virus! It is not another ‘flu.’ It is far more insidious and dangerous. Just do not come near me without a mask!”
Another user replied to a comment about “freedom,” writing: “Freedom means not risking others lives just for fresh eggs and bacon.”
The Daily Wire reached out to Karen Starr, as well as the owner of Western Omelette 3, and the El Paso County Health Department for comment, but we have not received any replies as of publication.
Karen’s Kafe And Stephanie’s Bar and Grill isn’t the first restaurant to reopen in spite of state mandates. On April 24, a Federal American Grill location in Houston, Texas, opened for business.
As The Daily Wire previously reported:
The restaurant is operating at only 30% seating capacity, according to the owner, and staff are required to wear face masks and gloves, as well as have their temperature checked prior to working. Additionally, customers are afforded the opportunity to pay with Venmo and PayPal, reports the news outlet.
Owner Matt Brice told the Houston Chronicle: “What I don’t like is that the government is picking and choosing which businesses win or lose. They are sinking the economy … We have to stand our ground and get people back to work.”
The Katy Freeway location of Federal American Grill is still open for dine-in service.
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