Kashuv, Parent of Parkland Victim Speak Out Against Rehiring Officer Who Stood By and Did Nothing

Multiple persons close to the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, are deeply upset at the news that one officer fired over his inaction during the shooting is getting his job back.
Brian Miller, a Broward Sheriff’s Office sergeant, was fired for “neglect of duty” after hiding behind his car during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February 2018, the Miami Herald reported.
He is now set to be reinstated to his position with full back pay and seniority.
The case against Miller was dismissed, with the arbitrator saying the Broward Sheriff’s Office violated his due process rights by firing him long after it was allowed to do so under state law, according to the BSO Deputies Association, the police union which backed Miller’s challenge of the decision to fire him.
Andrew Pollack, father of 18-year-old Meadow, who was murdered in the shooting, expressed disgust over Miller’s reinstatement.
“When you see the video, see how this guy just twiddled his thumbs while shots were ringing out in the school, watch him stand there while kids are getting murdered – it should fill anyone with disgust and disbelief,” Pollack told The Western Journal in an email.
“But while it’s certainly disgusting to hear that Broward is giving him his job back, I can’t say that I’m feeling any disbelief. This is just how liberals are. How they govern themselves. It’s all totally consistent. They want to put dangerous criminals on the street to protect their ‘rights’ — d— the consequences to the innocent. They want to put idiot loser cops who let kids die back on the beat to protect their ‘rights’ — d— the consequences to the innocent.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if this fat slob’s lazy negligence gets more people killed,” Pollack added, referring to Miller. “But if it does, I fully expect him to keep his job. Because it’s Broward — a liberal cesspool.”
School safety advocate Kyle Kashuv, a former Marjory Stoneman Douglas student and survivor of the shooting, highlighted what he sees as the ridiculous nature of the situation, particularly considering Miller’s “level of incompetence.”
“I think the main thing here is that, is just his level of incompetence. Which is, you know, he arrived at the crime scene, he arrived to the school first, right? And then he heard four shots, and not only did he not go in, right? But he hid outside and he hid behind his car,” Kashuv said in an interview with The Western Journal.
“The most insane thing about all of this is not only did he not go in but he didn’t even radio anyone for ten minutes and it’s his job as supervisor is to coordinate a response. So not only did he fail to go in and let kids die, but even more so when he was the first one to get to the scene as a supervisor he did not.”
The 18-year-old continued by explaining how Miller’s reinstatement undid all of the hard work activists have done to make schools safer.
“There were so many inactions and incompetencies and corruption that occurred and the only way we can fix this and stop this from happening ever again is to make sure that people are held accountable.
“It’s just shameful and hurtful that finally we’re getting some change done and you know, he got reinstated when his level of incompetency is just astounding,” Kashuv said.
“We finally got a sheriff in, Sheriff Greg Tony, who’s doing a phenomenal job, he’s taking great steps. And then, finally, through all of our progress, now it gets turned back.”
Much to the chagrin of people like Kashuv and Pollack, it will be as if Miller never left the sheriff’s office in the first place.
Not only will he get roughly a year’s back pay, which is no small amount given that his 2018 salary was $137,000, but he will also be awarded compensation for any overtime he would have received, medical reimbursements, accrual of time, paid holidays and time off.
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