Maxine Waters Admits 'We Don't Want' Businesses To Reopen

Maxine Waters has a habit of blurting out the truth Democrats try to hide.
The Los Angeles Democrat was never shy about calling for President Donald Trump to be impeached, she openly advocated public harassment of Trump cabinet officials, and now she’s letting the word out about how liberals really feel about the country’s reaction to the coronavirus.
In short, she doesn’t want independent businesses to get back on their feet — and she has nothing but scorn for fellow Americans protesting their states’ decisions to keep them closed.

In an interview Monday with the Southern California cable station Spectrum News 1 (video available at Breitbart News) Waters urged governors like California’s Gavin Newsom to “hold the line” against citizens demanding the freedom to restart their businesses.
And she essentially outlined a government takeover of the economy while she was at it.
In a video of the interview available at Breitbart, Waters stated bluntly that governors need to ignore their constituents’ protests to reopen economies, and that the protesters “should be ashamed of themselves.”
And, naturally, she blamed Trump for the unrest.
“You know our governors are under great stress. The protests that have been organized, the protests trying to intimidate our governors to open up everything are protests where, you know, the people participating in that should be ashamed of themselves. They should not be encouraged in any way. They should not be encouraged from the top leadership of this country to go out and do that,” Waters said.
She then praised Newsom and Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York (land of the deadly nursing homes).
“I know the pressure is on. I know that you’re trying to hold the line. I want you to hold the line. I don’t want to see these establishments opened back up,” she said. “I want the federal government to join with the cities and the states to support these families in every way that we can.”
She then described a bill she wrote that would use taxpayer money to pay landlords who would be unable to evict renters for nonpayment of rent, essentially socializing a basic element of the economy.
“So we’re doing everything that we can give support to our constituents, to our citizens, to the people who work every day, who have families to take care of,” Waters said. “So if we do that, this will support our states and our governors and not having to open back up. So that you know the small businesses that are in direct contact with people — nail shops, beauty shops, barbershops, florist shops — these are people in touch with folks every day, and they’re risking their lives, and we don’t want them opened up.”
Note that Waters didn’t seem to worry about whether the people themselves want their lives back — in fact, it’s a good chance the thought never seriously occurred to her.
Her thoughts are solely for the elected officials, who, according to Waters, need to be “as tough as you can be.”
“We are very sympathetic to the pressure that is being put on by the president of the United States and organize efforts of these protesters. We want the governors to hold the line. Be as tough as you can be. Be as thoughtful as you can be. Do everything you can to hold the line.”
Now, no one has ever accused Maxine Waters of having a brilliant mind. But she is the chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee — hard as that is to believe — so she holds considerable power already over how the nation does business.
She also has a way of going public with the real beliefs of the Democratic Party.

She was talking about impeaching Trump in May 2017, four months into his term. Democrats actually did impeach Trump two years later on grounds that are laughable, and almost forgotten, a little more than three months after Trump’s Senate acquittal.
Her public call for harassment of Trump administration officials in June 2018 gave the Democratic Party’s seal of approval to incidents like then-Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen being taunted by protesters at a restaurant in Washington and a Virginia restaurant owner’s decision to ask White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and her family to leave.
It also presaged a similar incident involving Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at yet another Washington restaurant and more since.
So, when Maxine Waters speaks, believe it or not, it does well to listen. And when a wingnut like Waters is talking about a government takeover of real estate financing down to the landlord-tenant level, it’s a good chance other Democrats are, or will be, pushing the same thing in short order.
And some social media users know it:
Evil Mad Max had one of Sleepy Joe’s Freudian slip moments of speaking exactly what was her true mind’s intent.
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If they can only cripple this nation they think we will have to submit to their complete control
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Wanting to destroy the system that made the United States the greatest country the world has ever seen is bad enough, but these two Twitter posts sum up the practical problems with the socialist position:
And where is all this money going to come from if people can't work? No income, no income tax. No sales tax, no property tax. Get it?
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She thinks people want handouts, they don’t! They want purpose! They want freedom to choose for themselves
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Wealth is not created by fiat in some fever dream of a socialist imagination.
It’s created by men and women working with an incentive — to support themselves and their families, to better their lives if possible and to improve their communities.
And while there may be elements of the American people (Democrats) that would like nothing better than a handout from the government, the backbone of the country is made up of men and women who want to work for their livelihood, which is what the anti-lockdown protests are all about.
It’s been clear for some time that Democrats view the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity, as House Majority Whip James Clyburn put it, “to restructure things to fit our vision.”
Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has admitted the country’s catastrophe has him “excited” about being able to implement the Democratic agenda.
But a full-blown government takeover of the economy isn’t something sane Democrats will speak openly about — because the American people would reject it out of hand.
“Sane Democrat” likely wouldn’t be most people’s description of Maxine Waters, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t saying out loud what Democrats are really thinking — and what they’re trying to hide.

Americans need to remember that when it comes time to vote in November.
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