NYPD Isn’t Having it Anymore! Police Cruisers Charge Through Violent Mob, Send People Flying Like Rag Dolls (VIDEO)

NYPD is fed up with violent mob rioters.
Violent far left terrorists surrounded two police cruisers and began throwing objects at the vehicles.
The cops asserted their power as the mob pounded on the windows and charged right through the violent mob sending people flying like rag dolls. 
Police officers across the country are in danger so they are left with no choice but to charge through violent mobs.
Police officers in Chicago were dragged by a left-wing mob and kicked in the head.
One terrorist in Seattle stole an AR15 from a cop car.
Two federal officers were shot and killed in Oakland last night.
Police officers are outnumbered and overwhelmed right now.

President Trump needs to deploy the national guard to put an end to the left-wing terrorism.
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