President Trump’s Latest Campaign Ad Linking Joe Biden to China Is DEVASTATING!

Team Trump released a new ad on Sunday that shows Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s links to China.
This is devastating!
President Trump added this — Enjoy the campaign Joe!
Joe Biden's deadbeat son Hunter inked a $1.5 BILLION deal with China while Joe was Vice President.

What did the Biden's offer China in return?
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Over the past year Joe Bien has repeatedly downplayed the China threat to the US.
In recent weeks, Joe Biden has lashed out at President Trump specifically on the topic of China.
This is nothing short of stunning, given Biden’s record on the subject.
Biden has even tried to attack Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus crisis.
See the tweets below:
In times of crisis, the American people deserve a president who tells them the truth and takes responsibility. Donald Trump has not been that president. For months, he falsely told us we had nothing to worry about while praising China’s response for managing the coronavirus.
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Now he’s switched to falsely telling us that he’s taking action that he has not taken, and promising results that he’s not delivering. People are scared. They're frightened. And their president is just exacerbating their concerns.
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If I were president today, I would not be taking China's word when it comes to the coronavirus. American scientists and health experts should be allowed in the country to determine how the virus started and to help contain its spread.
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This is amazing, coming from a man who has repeatedly downplayed any threat from China. See below:
In the last ten months, Joe Biden has downplayed the idea of China as a threat to the United States at least five times. See below...
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In other words, Joe Biden was downplaying threats from China as recently as three weeks ago, when the Coronavirus crisis was already unfolding.
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When we get past this crisis and move towards the general election, the Trump campaign should put these videos on a 24/7 loop.
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If we had an honest media, they might ask Joe Biden about some of this.
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